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Legend Brass Snare, Reinventing a legend?

Oh it's just another brass shell drum.. Stop right there and read on my friend..Read on.

We have taken the sound legacy of a brass snare drum shell and improved function, quality, and sound all at an affordable price.


The Legend comes with an Evans Genera Dry batter head and a 500 snare side head. The perfect combination for this shell. No sticky jelly things or duct tape needed. Just the drum and a perfectly matched set of heads.


Instead of a cheaply made snare wire the Legend comes with a Pursound 20 strand blaster wire for crisp snare cracks and great sensitive.


No more 1930's antiquated throw off. We have fitted a Dunnett Throw off with our proprietary bracket. 


Quality? Creation has been building drums by hand in the US since 2000. Nothing is mass produces or "made for us". Today we build each and every Legend that goes out the door the same way and with the same attention to detail.


Sound, We were not trying to change the legendary sound but tweak it to be more versatile with the addition of cross venting. Cross venting lets a little more air out of the drum resulting in a warmer tone and a more sensitive drum.


With all these upgrades we can still beat the price of the big mass produced brass shell drums on the market.


So.. did we really improve on a legend? We will let the drums do the talking from here.


14x5 Legend Brass shell, Tube lugs all black chrome. Die cast hoops. $445.00


14x5 Legend Brass shell, Tube lugs all black chrome. 2.3mm hoops. $385.00


Gold hardware add $30


Chrome hardware subtract $15






Creation is the House Kit at Emergencenj.org


Creation is the House Kit at Emergencenj.org



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